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ECQ (Enhanced Community Quarantine) Edition: What to do at Home? No Netflix, KDrama and social media included

Hi everyone! I hope you are safe and sound wherever you are right now. I think you already know some of the things listed below but I wanted to write about this as a reminder to myself so I can be productive at home as well. Hehee.

Artwork made via Photofy.

1. Be organized and clean

This applies to all areas of your house to the smallest item in your drawer. Throw that dirty and broken item. Stack up your files according to its purpose. Let go of the clothes that doesn’t fit and spark happiness. I know you feel lazy but you need to do this.

2. Invent or learn a new recipe

It’s hard to go to the grocery now and you will never know what’s available there. But this crowd store finder might be helpful. So, if you have stocks at home, made a new dish based on the readily available items in your pantry. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to be edible. You may try these lockdown recipe ideas.

3. Free your mind and move your body

I haven’t tried meditation yet but I think this is the perfect time to do it. With all the news about Covid19, it would be best to also take care of our mental health. Keep your body active by doing a little exercise. You may search simple exercises based on your physical needs.

4. Connect and disconnect

We are all away from each other and the best way to communicate is by video call. This is good but you can try to schedule the use of your gadgets. Focus on good conversations and try not to talk too much about Covid19 and government. Disconnect a bit on a daily basis so you can assess yourself and review your priorities.

5. Treat yourself

Enjoy the long warm showers and bath scrubbing. If available, treat your hair and nails. Put that face mask on. Recharge your skin. Sleep peacefully without the alarm. Stay beautiful. Never lose hope.

Stay productive and safe.

Let’s pray all together that this crisis will end soon. Please take time to reflect this Holy Week. Remember, you are blessed. We can surpass this.

Love, Nija


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